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Who We Are

Our business philosophy is simple — treat our customers’ resources as if they were our own.

This could be the water used to clean parts and components, the money spent on hauling away wastewater, or the time it takes to empty and refill mop water buckets. At a time when all of our resources seem to be dwindling, Separation Dynamics uses practical systems and tools to help make the most of what’s valuable to your company and employees.

We’ve been developing wastewater treatment solutions since the early 1990s, long before being “green” was cool. One of the products we produced was an innovative water-filtration technology, but at the time, there wasn’t much demand for it. In fact, we had to struggle for years just to make ends meet. But during that time, we worked hard to fine-tune our systems to meet the needs of our customers. And exceed their expectations.

skimziol_machineThis learning period helped us appreciate what a privilege it is to serve our customers. With their help, we recognized that our products had to be straightforward, simple to use, and easy to maintain. Our focus became designing and manufacturing systems that meet the needs of our customers and integrate seamlessly with their specific environments.

We’ve always believed that people will become more efficient if we can provide convenient and cost effective ways for them to do so. We designed our mop-water recycling system to save money by recycling water and cleaning chemicals. Plant managers and accountants love that our wastewater treatment equipment can pay for itself very quickly.

We took it one step further with our EZ Dump and refilling station, which makes the recycling system very easy to use. This kind of attention to detail helps a recycling system gain acceptance and buy-in on the plant floor.
It’s a serious responsibility to provide value for our customers when they trust us with their resources. We work hard to meet that responsibility every day with our products, services, and customer support. Let’s work together and start saving your resources today.

Core Competency

Separation Dynamics manufactures filtration systems and oil-water separation technology in Fountain Inn, SC, USA. The company’s innovative membrane modules are based on a unique cotton-based ultrafiltration technology developed by the company’s founders. Although originally developed for kidney dialysis, the technology is especially good at breaking oil-water emulsions without requiring membrane cleaning and excessive maintenance. This allows the company to apply ultrafiltration technology in applications that are simply not very practical for more conventional membrane technologies. Thus, our company takes great pride in providing oily water filtration systems that are very practical to use and easy to maintain.

Separation Dynamics helps manufacturers reduce wastewater costs and environmental impact with simple systems that recycle water and cleaning chemicals.

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We look forward to helping you save money while going green!