Can I verify that this system will work with my water?

Yes! We offer a free sample testing analysis that will determine if our systems are the best solution for you wastewater.

Our Sample evaluation will include testing for pH, approximate solids content, oil concentration, etc. and is designed to demonstrate the benefits of Extran Ultrafiltration System operation with your application. This will help us indicate the feasibility of Extran ultrafiltration, determine prefiltration requirements and establish expected flow rates. We will collect before and after sample jars and send back to you and provide a sample test report

You can send the 5-gallon sample(s) of your wastewater to the address below. Please label accordingly and complete the application survey form to accompany each sample to help our lab with tracking. Please also include an MSDS for your cleaner.

Att: Applications Lab
Separation Dynamics Inc.
611 South Woods Drive
Fountain Inn SC 29644