How is this process different from other ultrafiltration systems?

Extran Ultrafiltration technology is very unique and is capable of processing oily wastewater much better than most conventional ultrafiltration systems.   The Extran systems do not require regular membrane cleaning to maintain their flow rate when processing wastewater with emulsified oil. The state-of-the-art Extran technology allows our customers to avoid the difficult maintenance associated with membrane cleaning, which is the most common problem with conventional ultrafiltration systems. This is a big step forward in making ultrafiltration technology more practical for oily water applications.
Separation Dynamics manufactures Extran hollow fiber membranes from a unique cotton material that can handle a wide range of oil contaminants and is resistant to solvents found in a manufacturing and maintenance facilities.  The cotton is extruded into regenerated cellulose membranes that are extremely hydrophilic, or water loving.  Because of this unique material, the membrane modules are very resistant to fouling and do not require membrane cleaning.  The systems have been designed so the cotton membrane modules can be easily replaced when they wear out.  We have found that periodically replacing membrane modules can be much more convenient and cost effective than the hassle and expense of frequently cleaning a membrane system.