How long does it take to process the wastewater?

Most of our systems are designed to process a specified amount of water while operating 24-hrs. per day.  For example, if a system is rated at 200 GPD, then it would typically process 200 gallons of clean water over a period of one full day.

Many of our recycling systems, like the equipment designed for mop water and floor scrubber wastewater, operate in a “batch” mode.  These turnkey systems include a dumping station, a dirty water holding tank, Extran Ultrafiltration to remove the oil and suspended solids, and a clean water holding tank, for storing the water that is available for re-use.   These systems are designed so the clean water holding tank will have recycled water available when you are ready to dump a mop bucket or floor scrubber.  We like to explain that the system has automatically recycled “yesterday’s” wastewater and is storing the clean water in a holding tank for re-use today.