Product Use: Recycle Pressure Washing Water

Do you have issues dealing with the large volume of wastewater generated from pressure washing?

An Extran Recycling System can filter your used pressure washing water so the solution can be re-used for additional cleaning.

Today’s manufacturers are challenged with meeting tight cleanliness standards without incurring high costs associated with cleaning and waste disposal. It is very difficult to operate a pressure-washing bay without generating large volumes of wastewater and losing lots of expensive cleaning chemicals down the drain.


Pressure Washing Water Sample Jars

Before and After Sample Jars

Recycle your Cleaning Solution

The Extran Recycling System for pressure wash water is designed to collect your used washing water and filter the solution so that it can be re-used again to clean parts. The state-of-the art Extran ultrafiltration technology removes the oils and particulate from the water and additional polishing steps can be used to remove surfactants for rinsing.

Reduced Water Consumption Is Better for the Environment

The Extran recycling system can reduce the water used in your pressure washing process by up to 90%. Consuming less water in your cleaning process is one of the best ways to reduce wastewater generation and can help you achieve your environmental goals.

Wastewater from your pressure washing process can shave away profits from your bottom line.

The wastewater generated from operating a pressure wash bay can contain oil, grease and suspended solids that limit the choice of effective disposal options.

  • Evaporation can be very energy intensive and air permit restrictions can make boiling away your wastewater more and more difficult and expensive.
  • Onsite wastewater treatment becomes more difficult each year, as governments further tighten requirements for discharging industrial wastewater.
  • Hauling away large amounts of wastewater across the road for off-site disposal is also becoming more expensive each year, as limitations become stricter for discharging wastewater.

Pressure Wash Water Recycling SystemComplete systems designed specifically for recycling wastewater generated in the heavy-duty environment of operating a pressure washing booth.

The Extran recycling system for pressure washing water is a complete package that will collect and store the used wash water solution, filter it through a state-of-the art ultrafiltration membrane, store the clean water for re-use, while inhibiting bacteria growth and returning the solution to feed your pressure washer for re-use. We can also include polishing steps to remove surfactants and final spot-free rinse systems, if required by your process. We make it easy for you, so your engineers won’t need to design a new water storage and treatment system into your process.

Recycling System Flow Diagram

Recycling System Flow Diagram

Minimal consumables. Many recycling systems rely heavily on consumable media to remove contaminants from your process water. Media replacements can be frequent and cumbersome for pressure washing applications due to the oil, grease and surfactants found in the used cleaning solution. With the Extran Recycling System, the unique membrane technology removes 99% of the contaminants from the water so there is no excessive consumption of consumables.

Our state-of-the-art Extran membrane technology is unlike anything on the market today. The Extran membrane module is specifically designed to remove emulsified oil and suspended solids to recycle cleaning solutions. The innovative cotton membrane technology allows you to filter out contaminants without the frequent maintenance and membrane cleaning typically associated with conventional membrane technologies used for oily water.

Cost Savings Analysis

Our recycling system has proven to be much more efficient and cost-effective than other disposal alternatives.   Please contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help improve your pressure washing process and substantially reduce your waste generation.  With a little information, we can put together a budget estimate and the cost savings potential for you.