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Cincinnati Gear

Cincinnati Gear Testimonial

"The system works great! I trust Separation Dynamics and am very happy with the system -- it’s helped us a lot!"

Plant Manager of an aircraft landing gear manufacturer.  

“[The recycling system] is working beautifully! The employees love the convenience of the system and said it’s a lot easier. Before installing the mop water system they had to physically lift the mop buckets to empty them.”

EHS for a major supplier of aerospace products.  

Ease of maintenance; “Changing the module is a ‘piece of cake!’”

Maintenance Supervisor for a leading manufacturer of electric motors.  

“My favorite thing about the mop water system is that it’s clean and we are not destroying the environment, and it has DRASTICALLY cut our wastewater and soap costs.”

Maintenance Supervisor for manufacturer of impact absorbers and expanded metal parts.  

“Man I LOVE this machine! It saves me so much time from just hauling barrels around and saves A TON of waste - it’s UNBELIEVABLE! It’s keeping up without a doubt! It’s amazing - it CRANKS!”

Maintenance tech from a leading automotive ball bearing manufacturer.  

“We have saved over $9,000 with the mop station and $35,000 with the two washer [recycling] systems. I can’t say enough good things about this equipment!”

Quality Engineer from a precision gear manufacturing company.