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About Separation Dynamics

Do more with less wastewater.

Separation Dynamics makes water filtration systems to help manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, and other industries improve cleaning and generate less wastewater. Our list of happy customers includes many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies and maintenance and repair operations (MRO).  

Working with Separation Dynamics means:


We bring you 30+ years of knowledge and experience helping manufacturers resolve wastewater problems similar to yours.

Process Knowledge

We’ve developed efficient solutions for the specific types of contaminated water found in your manufacturing plant.

Industrial Strength

You get robust solutions made for a manufacturing environment that are easy to use and require only minimal maintenance.


We’ve developed state-of-the-art EXTRAN™ ultrafiltration technology and other separation systems that are remarkably effective at handling wastewater with oil and solids.


We have a tremendous passion for closed-loop water filtration and recycling and are driven to help improve the processes in your plant.


We are committed to ensuring you get the results that you need. Your investment in a filtration system will pay for itself with process improvements and cost savings.

Who We Are

We think manufacturers should be able to make quality parts without making tons of waste. Better cleaning should not automatically mean more wastewater. It doesn’t need to be a trade-off.  

Since the early 1990s, Separation Dynamics has focused on helping manufacturers handle industrial wastewater more efficiently.  

We have worked hard to understand the problems specific to your manufacturing process and the environment where you operate.  

We know that our success completely depends on your success, so we strive to make our products straightforward, robust, and easy to use.  

We want to use our expertise and technology to help you become more productive, efficient, and sustainable.  

We want to help you DO MORE WITH LESS WASTEWATER.  

Separation Dynamics leadership team