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Mop Water Recycling Systems

We make industrial-grade water filtration and recycling systems that help manufacturers improve floor cleaning efficiency and generate less wastewater.  

Clean floors with less waste.

For manufacturing plants, clean floors are directly related to production efficiency, quality control, and safety. Unfortunately, most manufacturers struggle with maintaining clean floors without generating a lot of wastewater. Effective floor cleaning usually means consuming more soap and dealing with more waste.  

The wastewater from floor scrubbers and mopping can be difficult and expensive to handle. Oil, coolant, solids, and detergents make it challenging for conventional wastewater disposal methods. Our innovative mop water recycling station helps you clean up the dirty water so it can be re-used for more floor cleaning. You can clean more efficiently and save money on soap and wastewater. Here's how:


Evaluate your floor cleaning process

To help you clean floors with less waste, we thoroughly evaluate your current floor cleaning procedures. We then recommend the best practices and separation technologies that could help you the most. We deliver a proposal which breaks down your costs and how much money you can expect to save by reducing waste over time.

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Evaluating floor cleaning process
Building a water recycling system


We build your system and prepare you for installation

When you order from Separation Dynamics, we guide you through the preparation and planning while we build your new recycling system. The complete recycling system is easy to install and implement in your facility. We provide thorough training and support for the startup either online or in-person.    

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Enjoy the efficiency of your new floor cleaning process

Once your new system has been installed, we continue to provide training, maintenance, and support to make sure your investment pays off.

A more efficient floor cleaning process

With Separation dynamics, you CAN:

  • Reduce your floor cleaning wastewater costs by up to 90%

  • Have a more efficient and controlled process by re-using water and soap

  • Avoid safety issues from oily floors and improve your 5S program

  • Avoid the risk of an environmental incident from dumping oily water

  • Be a champion for our natural environment by keeping detergents out of the wastewater system

Mopping success

Why dump when you can re-use and save?

Start your journey to doing more with less wastewater. Get a free wastewater evaluation and discover how much you can save by investing in a mop water recycling system.



“My favorite thing about the mop water recycle system is that it’s so clean, and we are not destroying the environment…and it has DRASTICALLY cut our wastewater and soap costs!”

– Maintenance supervisor at a major manufacturer of impact absorption components