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Innovative wastewater filtration products

Do more with less wastewater.

At Separation Dynamics, we make systems that help many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies do more with less wastewater. We specialize in systems that improve cleaning processes like mop water, floor scrubbers, parts washing and rinsing.

  • Our products remove oil and other contaminants from water.

  • Clean filtered water can be re-used in the same process or safely discharged to the sewer.

Parts Washing Water: Clean Parts with Less Wastewater

Several major parts manufacturers and heat treaters in the automotive and aerospace industries use our systems to improve parts washing and reduce waste and downtime. We have developed technology specifically to clean parts better with more process control.

EXTRAN™ Ultrafiltration System

  • EXTRAN ultrafiltration cleans your parts washing water and extends the life of your washing solution.

  • The system continuously removes emulsified oil and fine suspended particulate from wash water and returns clean filtered solution for re-use.

  • NO MEMBRANE CLEANING with the EXTRAN ultrafiltration technology means the systems are low maintenance.

  • The systems are available in several sizes and flow rates.

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EXTRAN ultrafiltration waste water systems


SKIMZOIL combines and improves upon the best features found in conventional skimmers and coalescers.

  • The system is designed to skim and remove free-floating oils from washers, coolant tanks, and other sumps.

  • The system continuously skims the tank surface and circulates fluid through a separation tank.

  • Free oil is trapped and automatically removed by a rotating skimmer drum.

  • The drum design is very efficient at removing oil with very little water and cleaner.

  • The clean water, without the floating oil, returns to the tank for reuse.

  • The SKIMZOIL can also be incorporated into oil removal systems for pits and large tanks with free floating oil.

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Skimzoil oil removal system

Clean Floors with Less Wastewater

Mop Water and Floor Scrubbers

Many of our customers have processes that result in dirty/oily floors that require regular cleaning. Our mop water systems enable them to handle the water more efficiently. We have developed mop water recycling systems that allow our customers to reuse the water and soap used in the floor cleaning process.

EXTRAN™ Mop Water Recycling System

The EUS mop water recycling system is designed to clean and recycle mop water and floor-scrubber water. This system removes contaminants from the dirty water and returns clean water with detergent to a storage tank for reuse.

  • The EZ mop bucket dumper system helps you empty mop buckets and floor scrubbers more ergonomically.

  • The solution goes through two pre-filters to remove large particulate.

  • The EXTRAN membrane module separates emulsified oil and fine suspended solids from the water and soap.

  • The recycled solution is stored in a holding tank and a convenient dispensing nozzle refills mop buckets and scrubber tanks.

  • Includes automatic freshwater make-up and cleaner addition.

Extran mop water recycling system

EZ Mop Water Handling Systems

We also offer the EZ mop bucket dumper, low-profile tank, storage tanks, and filtration to assist with handling your wastewater from floor cleaning.

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Inspect Parts with Less Wastewater

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) / Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)

Several of the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and MRO facilities use these systems to reduce wastewater volumes by 96% or more.

EXTRAN™ Ultrafiltration System for FPI/NDT Wastewater

The EXTRAN™ Ultrafiltration System (EUS) is a self-contained unit to clean the water used for fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI). 

This system is low maintenance and uses only a small amount of consumables.

The system uses two simple filtration steps to remove the penetrant oils, dyes, and emulsifiers. The resulting clean water does not fluoresce and is clean enough to be reused for fluorescent penetrant inspection or to be safely discharged into the sewer.

  • The first step, EXTRAN ultrafiltration, removes most of the contaminants and is very efficient with all types of penetrants.

  • This state-of-the-art membrane technology does not require membrane cleaning and needs very little maintenance.

  • In the second step, the small amount of residual contamination and color are completely removed from the water by polishing with activated carbon.

  • Removing most of the contaminants with EXTRAN™ substantially extends the life of consumable polishing media.

  • For closed-loop recycling, the clean water is circulated through an ultraviolet light to inhibit biological growth.

  • Clean water is delivered back at the appropriate temperature and pressure to meet specifications.

Extran FPI/NDT