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Separation Dynamics makes water filtration systems that help manufacturers handle oily wastewater from metalworking, floor cleaning, parts washing, and condensate more efficiently.

Do more with less wastewater

Many manufacturing plants struggle with wastewater contaminated with emulsified oil that is difficult to handle and expensive to dispose of properly. Oftentimes, the methods for treating this type of wastewater are messy, time consuming, and expensive. Meeting high production standards, while keeping wastewater costs low, can be challenging. Doing so in a way that meets your company's sustainability goals can feel downright impossible.

Fortunately, Separation Dynamics has developed state-of-the-art water filtration technology specifically for this type of wastewater. We’ve helped several of the world’s leading manufacturers clean up their wastewater and safely discharge clean water to the sewer. The end result is a more efficient and sustainable process. Here's how we can help you:

Step 1:

Evaluate your wastewater

We thoroughly evaluate your current manufacturing process and the wastewater you generate to understand areas for improvement. We then specify the best technologies and the most robust system design to help you clean up your wastewater. We deliver a proposal that breaks down your investment, the operating costs, and how much you can benefit over time.

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Evaluate wastewater challenges
Wastewater filtration system

Step 2:

We build your system and prepare you for installation

We guide you through the implementation of your wastewater filtration system. These systems are easy to install and integrate in your plant. We provide on-site start-up assistance and training to help you seamlessly bring your system online.

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Step 3:

Enjoy peace of mind with improved, efficient water filtration

Your new system will be robust and very easy to operate and maintain. We continue to help you with training, maintenance, and support to ensure your investment pays off.

Efficient water filtration

With Separation dynamics, you will:

  • Rest easy, knowing you finally have a fail-safe and effective system for handling your wastewater

  • Enjoy a wastewater system that is dependable and low maintenance

  • Avoid the costs and difficulties of high volumes of oily water disposal

  • Meet your sustainability goals and avoid environmental risks

Manage oily wastewater

Find out how to clean up your oily wastewater with better filtration

Start your journey to implement an effective water filtration system from Separation Dynamics. Get a free evaluation of your manufacturing process and discover how you can benefit from the best practices and state-of-the-art technology to reduce your waste. 



When I was considering a system, I was mostly concerned that I needed to be able to justify the cost…the Separation Dynamics system provides a large reduction in the amount of waste shipped out, which helps save our company money.  

- Facilities manager for a major turbine manufacturer