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No more cleaning with dirty water

We make closed-loop systems that help manufacturers clean parts better by removing contamination from their wash water.  Improve parts cleaning, extend the life of your washer, and reduce production downtime.

Clean parts with less wastewater

Your customers demand parts that meet high standards of cleanliness. It’s important to control your washing process; however, basic filters and oil skimmers don’t remove enough of the contamination coming in from your parts. You can’t afford to frequently stop production and generate tons of waste by dumping and re-charging your washer.  

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between cost efficiency and the risk of failed quality inspections. Separation Dynamics helps you manufacture high quality parts more efficiently, by continuously removing the contamination in your washer. You will have control over the oil and metal fines that make parts cleaning difficult. You can clean more consistently, without the waste. Here's how:


Evaluate your parts washing process

We thoroughly evaluate your current cleaning process, looking for ways to improve the quality of cleaning and efficiency. We determine which separation technologies and best practices could help you most improve parts cleaning. We then deliver a proposal that breaks down your investment, operating costs, and how much you can benefit over time.

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Evaluate parts washing process
Building a parts washing system


We build your system and prepare you for installation

We will guide you through the planning and implementation of your washer improvement equipment. These packaged systems are easy to install and integrate with your washer.  We provide on-site start-up assistance and training to help you seamlessly bring your system online.

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Experience better cleaning and continued parts washing success

Once your new system has been installed, we continue to provide training, maintenance, and support to make sure your investment pays off.

Better cleaning and parts washing

With Separation dynamics, you will:

  • Finally be able to meet tight specifications for part cleanliness and eliminate variations in quality

  • Be confident that your washing process is efficient and under control

  • Achieve a closed-loop cleaning process by reusing water and cleaning chemicals

  • Eliminate unnecessary production downtime

  • Be more sustainable by generating much less wastewater

Parts wash system sample

Find out how to improve parts cleaning and reduce waste.

Start your journey to improve parts washing efficiency. Get a free evaluation of your washing process and discover how you can benefit from the best practices and technology to control parts cleaning. 



Before the EXTRAN systems were installed on our washers, to get clean parts, we were forced to change the wash and rinse tanks two times a week. After we set up the systems, our parts are cleaner, and we now change the tanks once every two months. I tell everyone I run into that I highly recommend these systems and can’t say enough good things about them.

- Quality engineer at Riley Gear Corporation