Innovative Filtration Tech Since 1986


Separation Dynamics manufactures innovative water filtration technology and oil-water separation systems in Fountain Inn, SC, USA.

Get to know EXTRAN™

EXTRAN, the company’s core filtration technology, is based on a unique cotton-based membrane developed by the company’s original founders. Although originally developed for kidney dialysis, the membrane is especially good for breaking oil-water emulsions. It is very effective at removing oil and fine suspended solids from water.  

EXTRAN regenerated cellulose provides very efficient filtration without requiring membrane cleaning and frequent maintenance. This technology allows us to apply ultrafiltration membranes in places that are simply not very practical for more conventional membranes.

Wastewater samples

Separation Dynamics has developed packaged systems that utilize this innovative filtration technology to clean specific types of wastewater. We focused on the wastewater that is generated in many metalworking plants and maintenance & repair operations (MRO’s). We take pride in providing our customers with oil and water separation systems that are very practical and designed specifically for their process.



We bring you 30+ years of knowledge and experience helping manufacturers resolve wastewater problems similar to yours.

Process Knowledge

We’ve developed efficient solutions for the specific types of contaminated water found in your manufacturing plant.

Industrial Strength

You get robust solutions made for a manufacturing environment that are easy to use and require only minimal maintenance.


We’ve developed state-of-the-art EXTRAN™ ultrafiltration technology and other separation systems that are remarkably effective at handling wastewater with oil and solids.


We have a tremendous passion for closed-loop water filtration and recycling and are driven to help improve the processes in your plant.


We are committed to ensuring you get the results that you need. Your investment in a filtration system will pay for itself with process improvements and cost savings.