Product Use: Recycle Floor Cleaning Water

Reduce Your Floor Cleaning Wastewater Volume by up to 90%

The recycling system for mop buckets and floor scrubbers is a complete recycling package for floor cleaning wastewater.  The system makes it easy to dump, filter, and re-use your used water for additional floor cleaning. This unique system uses state-of-the-art filtration technology to remove oil, grease, and solids from used floor cleaning water.  Therefore, once it has been cleaned, the filtered water and detergent can be recycled for additional floor cleaning.


EUS-G System Flow Diagram

EUS-G System Flow Diagram 

Designed for Operators

The Extran Mop Water Recycling System has been designed to be both convenient and cost-effective. This turnkey system has three unique features that make it very easy to operate.  As a result, you will find that users will “buy-in” to this convenient recycling process:





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1. First, dumping mop buckets and floor scrubber solution will become simple and ergonomic.  The EZ Dump station also allows operators to conveniently rinse out their mop bucket residue with recycled water.  The station then automatically pumps the solution from the low profile tank into the recycling system.

2. After this, the recycling system automatically filters the water through state-of-the-art Extran membrane technology.  The filter technology removes emulsified oil and suspended solids.  The filtered water and cleaning chemicals are then stored in a holding tank, waiting for the next user.

3. Finally, operators are able to re-fill their mop buckets and floor scrubber tanks with pre-mixed water and soap using the convenient hose and dispenser nozzle.

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Designed for Industrial Applications

You will also notice the attention to detail that comes from extensive experience manufacturing industrial-strength recycling systems.  In fact, we have provided these systems for several years for many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies.  As a result, we have designed our recycling systems for the demands of heavy-duty manufacturing environments.  These units are more than capable of handling the variety of oils and other contaminants commonly found in industrial floor cleaning applications.


Reduce Your Risk and Liability

Re-using your floor cleaning water and soap can help your company meet environmental and sustainability goals. The system can also greatly reduce your company’s risk and liability from dealing with a high volume of oily wastewater.  A simple recycling station can be a convenient solution for what can sometimes be an ugly mop water situation.

Easy to Operate

You and your staff can learn to operate the Extran Mop Water Recycling System in 15 minutes or less. As you know, simple and effective systems get used, while complicated systems will get pushed to the side. Your company will benefit from an ergonomically designed system that’s easy to operate and easy on backs!


Easy to Maintain

The Extran Mop Water Recycling System is easy to use and maintain.  In fact, most customers dedicate less than half an hour per week to maintain the recycling system.

Checking Water LevelsYour maintenance staff will find it very easy to change filters on the recycling system.  Most importantly, they will love that the unique Extran membrane module does not require membrane cleaning.  Therefore, your staff will spend more time doing their jobs and less time on system maintenance.

In fact, our state-of-the-art Extran membrane module is unlike anything on the market today.  It is very effective at removing emulsified oils and suspended solids from wash water.  Therefore, the system can recycle your floor cleaning water without the frequent maintenance and membrane cleaning typically associated with conventional technologies.

Before and After Samples of Floor Cleaning Wastewater

Before and After Samples

Save Money and Valuable Resources

Our floor cleaning wastewater recycling system will also help you re-use your valuable resources.  In fact, the system is very cost effective and typically reduces waste disposal costs by 80 – 90%.  Our customers that use these systems typically reduce consumption of cleaning chemicals by 50 – 75%.


Cost Savings Analysis

Please contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your floor cleaning process and reduce waste. With a little information, we can then help evaluate your process and put together a budget and cost savings analysis for recycling your floor cleaning wastewater.