Product Use: Recycle FPI and NDT Wastewater

Do you haul-away or evaporate wastewater from your fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) process?

Extran recycling systems can cut your FPI wastewater volume by up to 95%.  

Instead of hauling away fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) wastewater for offsite disposal or treating this wastewater with expensive evaporators, the Extran recycling system can recycle the water.  Thus, it will not be waste and can instead be re-used again and again for additional FPI testing.

FPI NDT System Picture

Reducing Water Consumption is Better for the Environment

The Extran recycling system can reduce the water used in your fluorescent penetrant inspection process by up to 95%.  Consuming less water is always the best choice.  Also, substantially reducing the amount of wastewater disposal can help you achieve your environmental goals.

Wastewater from your fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) process can shave away profits from your bottom line.

NDT/FPI Water Samples Before & AfterThe wastewater generated from washing away fluorescent dye penetrant can contain oil & grease, solvents and fluorescent dyes that limit the choice of effective disposal options.

  • Evaporation can be very energy intensive and permit restrictions on VOC emissions can make boiling away your wastewater difficult and expensive.
  • Onsite treatment for this type of wastewater becomes more difficult each year, as governments tighten requirements for discharging wastewater.
  • Also, tightening limits for wastewater disposal makes hauling away large amounts of wastewater across the road for off-site disposal more and more expensive each year.
FPI NDT System Picture2

Complete systems designed specifically for recycling wastewater from the fluid penetrant inspection (FPI) process.

The Extran recycling system for FPI/NDT wastewater is a complete package that will collect the used rinse water solution and filter it through a state-of-the art ultrafiltration membrane.  The system will subsequently polish the water with activated carbon, treat it to inhibit bacteria growth and return the solution for re-use.  The water will be delivered at the designed temperature and pressure required by your inspection process.  Thus, we make it easy, so your engineers don’t need to develop a new water treatment system and design it into your process.

Minimal consumables.  Many recycling systems rely heavily on consumable media to remove contaminants from your process water.  Also, media replacements can be frequent and cumbersome with liquid penetrant wastewater due to the oil, grease and surfactants in the used solution.  In contrast, the unique Extran membrane technology removes 99% of the contaminants from the water, which substantially reduces the amount of consumables.

fluorescent sample fpi wastewater

Our state-of-the-art Extran membrane module is unlike anything on the market today.  It is uniquely suited to remove the highly emulsified oil and dyes from the fluorescent penetrant inspection process (FPI).   The innovative cotton membrane technology can stand up to the unique solvents in this type of wastewater.  Most importantly, the Extran membrane allows you to filter out contaminants without the frequent maintenance and membrane cleaning typically associated with conventional membrane technologies used for oily water.

Cost Savings Analysis

Our recycling system has proven to be much more efficient and cost-effective than other disposal alternatives.   Please contact us to learn more about how we can help improve your FPI process and reduce your waste.  With a little information, we can put together a budget estimate and the cost savings potential for your process.