Product Use: Recycle Parts Washing Water

Parts Washing Recycling SystemDo you clean with dirty water?

Extran Ultrafiltration helps our customers improve parts washing and reduce the volume of their wastewater.

Today’s precise manufacturing specifications require very clean parts.  However, environmental and health concerns restrict the use of harsh solvents for cleaning.  Manufacturers are also challenged with using aqueous cleaning systems to meet these tight standards.  Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the goals without generating big wastewater volumes.   Also, manufacturers can end up throwing large amounts of cleaning chemicals down the drain.


Improve Performance and Extend the Life of Your Solution

Before and After Sample Jars

So, if your goal is to improve cleaning and extend the life of your parts wash solution, the Extran Ultrafiltration System was designed just for you.  The system will improve your washer’s performance and reduce wastewater by continuously removing oil and particulate from the wash water. Consequently, you will maintain a high level of cleanliness in your parts washer and extend the life of your cleaning solution.  Therefore, you can eliminate the need to frequently dump and recharge your wash water.  The system will reduce your costs for production downtime, bath maintenance, wastewater disposal and cleaning chemicals.

Bath Cleanliness Chart

Bath Cleanliness Chart

The Extran Ultrafiltration System will automatically circulate and filter your parts washing bath…it will clean your washer for you, while you continue to clean parts.

Also, our state-of-the-art Extran membrane module is unlike anything on the market today. It has been specifically designed to remove emulsified oil and suspended solids from wash water. Most importantly, the unique technology allows you to do this without the frequent maintenance and membrane cleaning typically associated with conventional technologies used for oily water.

The complete recycling system has been designed for heavy-duty parts cleaning and has been used over the past 20 years by many of the world’s leading manufacturing companies.

System Flow Diagram

System Flow Diagram

Multiple Parts Washing Applications

  •  Recycling Water for Spray Washing Cabinets
  •  Improve parts cleaning, extend wash bath life and reduce waste
  •  Immersion Washers
  •  Continuous circulation to remove floating oil layer and improve cleaning
  •  Heat Treating Wash Tanks
  •  Remove quench oil, reduce smoke, and eliminate baked-on residue from parts
  •  Pre-paint and Phosphatizing Lines
  •  Improve parts cleaning, reduce chemical usage, reduce drag-out to rinse tanks
  •  Systems for multiple washers
  •  Automated valve systems rotate Extran ultrafiltration between 2-4 washers
  •  Centralized tank systems provide ultrafiltration for multiple washers
  •  Portable systems can be moved and rotated from washer to washer

Saves Your Money and Resources

Recycling parts washing water will reduce your water footprint and save you significant money by cutting chemical usage and wastewater disposal! You will also save soap and water resources, which will help you meet your company’s environmental goals.

Cost Savings Analysis

Please contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help improve your cleaning process and reduce your waste.  With a little information, we can then help to evaluate your process and put together a budget and cost savings analysis.