Product Use: Remove Free Floating Oil

Multiple Applications

A simple system to remove floating oil from your parts washers, coolant sumps and wastewater tanks.

Floating Oil Sample Jars

Before and After

  • Floating oil on spray washer tanks – oil layer can emulsify and inhibit cleaning performance.
  • Floating oil on immersion washer tanks – passing parts through oil layer after washing can re-contaminate parts.
  • Floating oil in coolant tanks  – oil layer causes bacteria growth, leads to foul odors and coolant.
  • Floating oil in wastewater tanks – an oil layer can build up and allow surges of oil to enter your wastewater treatment process.

Improve your Process

The Skimzoil System can help your company improve parts cleaning, increase coolant life, and remove oil from wastewater tanks. By effectively removing the oily contaminants, this system can extend the working life of your aqueous wash solution and metalworking coolant.

IndustrialSkimzoil - Floating Oil Separation Strength Oil-Water Separation

The Skimzoil oil separation system is well-suited for heavy-duty oil water separation applications found in metalworking plants.  From many years of experience building oil water separation equipment, we have incorporated an industrial-strength design, including the stainless steel floating suction heads, separator tank, pumps and motors.


Minimal Maintenance

The Skimzoil oil separation system has been designed for simple set-up and ease of use. It does not require frequent adjustment, monitoring or balancing of flow to be effective. There is no internal media in the tank, which can plug, interfere with flow and lead to arduous cleaning procedures.

Various Sizes to Fit Your Specific Needs

The Skimzoil separation tank is available in three sizes: 15 gallons, 35 gallons and 80 gallons. The smallest unit has a 1 x 2 footprint and is capable of removing over 25 gallons of free-floating oil per hour. ­­

Skimzoil Drum with Floating OilSimple is Most Effective

The unique design of the Skimzoil system is very effective and requires very little maintenance or adjustment.  Once your system is installed, oil and water from your cleaning tanks will be automatically drawn from the surface of your tank and pumped to the Skimzoil unit where the rotating skimmer drum will pick up oil from the top of the water and move it to a separate collection tank.  The clean water flows back to your tank.Skimzoil Sump Pump Flow Diagram

Complete System to Remove Floating Oil from a Wastewater Pit

The innovative Skimzoil system can also be incorporated into a complete system to effectively remove a floating oil layer from your wastewater pit.  The sump oil removal system can draw oil and water from a pit and then separates the floating oil in a tank where the Skimzoil unit can remove it.



Cost Savings Analysis

Please contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help improve your cleaning process and reduce your waste.  With a little information, we can then help to evaluate your process and put together a budget and cost savings analysis.